October 26, 2006

Links of the Day 10/26/06

JPG Mag - Social photo-sharring (a la Flickr), meets an artsy magazine; some really beautiful photos here.

RIP Odeo - Mega Blogger Om Malik reports on cannibalistic buy-out of Podcast start-up Odeo, which suggests what seems to have been a DUH! thing all-the-while -- podcasting is very niche and has little future next to richer mediums like videocasting. One thing to note: the conversation about this move by Evhead is filled with questions about what will really happen to Odeo.

Byespace? - Via the On The Turning Away blog, the Wall Street Journal reports that there is a notable decline in traffic to Myspace and Facebook. Is this "seasonal" as the sites claim, a small tremor, or a the begin of steady shift?

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